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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Water Quality of Freshwater Lake, Gulbarga District, KarnatakaParvathi B; Ramakrishna Reddy; Vijaykumar K
2015Water Soluble Melanin of Streptomyces lusitanus DMZ3 Persuade Synthesis of Enhanced Bio-medically Active Silver NanoparticlesMadhusudhan D.N; Agsar D; Sulochana M.B.
2008Wavelet based co-occurrence histogram features for texture classification with an application to script identification in a document imageHiremath P.S; Shivashankar S.
2011Web Logs: The Current Online Information SourcesMamata Mestri; Praveenkumar Kumbargoudar
2014Welfare Amenities and Social Security Measures in Nationalized Banks of Hyderabad Karnataka RegionHangarki Shobha B.
2015Welfare amenities and social security measures in select nationalized banks with reference tohyderabad karnataka regionSobha, B Hangarki
2007Wet land avifauna of Raichur in North KarnatakaMalkanna, Paul R; Patil C.
2019White Collar Crimes in India with Special Reference to Corporate Sectors A Critical StudyShinde Aparna Jagannath
2018Wide Band and Enhanced Gain Microstrip Antenna Array for Wimax ApplicationsPrahlada; Vani R M
2010Wide bandwidth, high-gain slot-loaded rectangular microstrip antennasMaddani G.P; Sameena N.M; Mulgi S.N.
2009Wide temperature range thermopower in GaAs/AlGaAs heterojunctionsKamatagia M.D; Sankeshwara N.S; Mulimani B.G.
2008Wideband gap-coupled suspended rectangular microstrip antennaNirate S; Yadahalli R.M; Kiran K.U; Vani R.M; Hunagund P.V.
2015Wideband Microstrip-Line-Fed Suspended Rectangular Microstrip AntennaSuryakanth Nirate; S.L.Mallikarjun; R.M. Vani; P.V. Hunagund
2010A wideband-stacked rectangular dielectric resonator antennaMadhuri R.G; Hadalgi P.M; Mallikarjun S.L; Hunagund P.V.
2011Widespread Emergence of Multidrug Resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa Isolated from CSF SamplesNagaveni S; Rajeshwari H; Oli A.K; Patil S.A; Chandrakanth R.K.
2013Withdrawal antifertility effect of petroleum ether extract of Citrus medica seeds in female albino ratsPatil S.J; Banagar S.R; Banagar R.R; Venkatesh S; Vishwanatha T; Patil S.B.
2018Women and Media in India: An OverviewMallikarjun; Shivakumar Sangan S
2015Women and Self-Employment: Opportunities and ChallengesShekhara Apparaya
2017Women at Work A Social Work Study on Police ConstablesMaheshwari,S.K
2015Women domestic workers and their family life a case study of gulbarga cityRamadevi, Shantappa K