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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Uart controller as AMBA APB slaveRoopa M; Vani R.M; Hunagund P.V.
2005Ultrasound velocity and density studies in some refined and unrefined edible oilsSankarappa T; Prashant Kumar M; Ahmad A.
2013Unconstrained Kannada handwritten character recognition using multi-level SVM classifierRajput G.G; Horakeri R.
2010Understanding the deep webIffat R; Sami L.K.
1998Unexpected formation of novel butenolides by thermolysis of o- carboranyl substituted cyclobutenonesGoudgaon N.M; Shi J; Schinazi R.F.
2019A unique six sigma based segmentation technique for brain tumor detection and classification using hybrid cnn-svm modelKothari A; Indira B.
2023-12University News Express December 2023-
2024-01University News Express January 2024-
2023University News Express November 2023-
2023-10University News Express October 2023-
2023-09University News Express September 2023-
2015Unsteady Boundary Layer Flow of Thermophoretic MHD Nanofluid Past a Stretching Sheet with Space and Time Dependent Internal Heat Source/SinkSandeep; Sulochana C
2016Unsteady dusty couple stress fluid flow with heat transferSyeda Rasheeda Parveen
2010Unsteady flow and heat transfer of porous media sandwiched between viscous fluidsUmavathi J.C; Liu I.C; Prathap-Kumar J; Shaik-Meera D.
2006Unsteady free convective viscoelastic boundary layer flow past a vertical porous plate with internal heat generation/absorptionKhan S.K; Pop I.
2019Unsteady magnetohydrodynamic radiative liquid thin film flow of hybrid nanofluid with thermophoresis and Brownian motionSulochana C; Aparna S.R.
2008Unsteady magnetohydrodynamic two fluid flow and heat transfer in a horizontal channelUmavathi J.C; Chamkha A.J; Mateen A; Kumar J.P.
2019Unsteady Mhd Casson Fluid Flow through Vertical Plate in the Presence of Hall CurrentC. Sulochana; M. Poornima
2016Unsteady MHD radiative flow and heat transfer of a dusty nanofluid over an exponentially stretching surfaceSandeep N; Sulochana C; Rushi Kumar B.