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Title: Intereuption of pregnancy by barbiturates in albino rats
Authors: Patil S.B
Rao M.A.
Keywords: barbital sodium
corpora lutea
luteo trophins
Issue Date: 1982
Citation: Proceedings: Animal Sciences , Vol. 91 , 6 , p. 533 - 538
Abstract: Barbiturates inhibit the lh surge and release of gonadotrophins (lh and fsh) and prolactin from the pituitary in rats and hamsters. In the present study administration of phenobarbital (7-5mg) or barbital sodium (20 mg) twice a day from day 8-11 interrupts the pregnancy in rats with little or no foetal survival. The ovaries and the uterus of these rats resemble those of non-pregnant rats when autopsied on day 20 of pregnancy. These results suggest that the failure of maintenance of pregnancy by barbiturate treatment may be due to the inhibition of luteotrophic hormones from the pituitary during the crucial period of pregnancy, resulting in the insufficient secretion and release of ovarian progesterone and also estrogen. © 1982 Indian Academy of Sciences.
URI: 10.1007/BF03186153
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