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Title: Oxovanadium(IV) and dioxouranium(VI) complexes with thiocarbohydrazones
Authors: Patil S.A
Kulkarni V.H.
Issue Date: 1984
Citation: Inorganica Chimica Acta , Vol. 95 , 4 , p. 195 - 199
Abstract: Oxovanadium(IV) and dioxouranium(VI) complexes with thiocarbohydrazones have been prepared in an ethanolic medium and characterised by elemental analysis and molecular weight determination. They have 1:1 stoichiometry. The IR observations suggest that the ligands have coordinated through azomethine nitrogen atoms and reacted through hydroxy groups. The v(MN) and v(MO) vibrations have been assigned. The PMR spectral information supports the IR inference. The oxovanadium(IV) complexes show magnetic moments in the range of 1.74-1.94 B.M. The electronic spectra have been interpreted in the light of the BG model. Various NSH parameters have been calculated. The ESR spectra also render support for the spectral information. On the basis of this information it is suggested that oxovanadium(IV) complexes exhibit coordination number five and dioxouranium coordination number six. © 1984.
URI: 10.1016/S0020-1693(00)87466-6
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