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Title: 2X1 microstrip array antenna with EBG structure for dual band and enhanced bandwidth
Authors: Prashant R.T
Naveen S.M
Vani R.M
Hunagund P.V.
Keywords: Corporate feed network
EBG lattice
Microstrip array antenna
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Institution of Engineering and Technology
Citation: IET Conference Publications , Vol. 2013 , 648 CP , p. -
Abstract: This paper presents design and development of 2 x 1 linearly polarized microstrip array antenna with Electromagnetic band gap (EBG) structure to improve bandwidth and suppression of back lobes in radiation pattern. The array elements are fed by corporate feed network, which improves the impedance bandwidth of the 2x1 rectangular microstrip array antenna by 8.342% and inclusion of EBG lattice reduces the back lobes in radiation characteristics. Experimental results for the array antennas in terms of return loss, radiation pattern, -3dB beam width, and suppression of back lobes are presented.
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