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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013S- Band compact microstrip antenna with slotsAmbresh P.A; Pushpanjali G.M; Sujata A.A; Hadalgi P.M; Hunagund P.V.
2019Saccharification of the pretreated husks of corn, peanut and coffee cherry by the lignocellulolytic enzymes secreted by Sphingobacterium sp. ksn for the production of bioethanolShankar K; Kulkarni N.S; Jayalakshmi S.K; Sreeramulu K.
2008Saccharomonospora saliphila sp. nov., a halophilic actinomycete from an Indian soilSyed D.G; Tang S.-K; Cai M; Zhi X.-Y; Agasar D; Lee J.-C; Kim C.-J; Jiang C.-L; Xu L.-H; Li W.-J.
2013Salicylic acid and salicylic acid sensitive and insensitive catalases in different genotypes of chickpea against Fusarium oxysporum f. sp ciceriGayatridevi, S; Jayalakshmi, SK; Mulimani, VH; Sreeramulu, K
2012Salicylic acid is a modulator of catalase isozymes in chickpea plants infected with Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. ciceriGayatridevi S; Jayalakshmi S.K; Sreeramulu K.
2021Sanskrit 2021-
2013Sapogenin mixture and pentahydroxy-pregn-14-ol, 20-one -Beta-d thevetopyranoside isolated from wattakaka volubilis induce caspase-3-dependent apoptosis in human colon cancer cells in vitroJadhav R.S; Swamy P.L; Mali M; Satapathy R.
2015Savadatti talukine adhara shakhamathagala ondu aitihasika adhyanaKuyyagole, Bhagirathi
2018Savalagi Shrishivalingeshwararu Ondu Charitrika AdhyayanaBiradar Shivasharanappa .S.
2005Scale up studies for the production of thermostable alkaline protease by solid state fermentation from alkalophilic bacillus Sp JB-99 utilizing agro industrial wastesShivasharana C T
1986Scanning electron microscopic studies on the pollen of some ClusiaceaeSeetharam Y.N; Maheshwari J.K.
2016Scheduled Caste Elites And Social Change A Sociological Study Of Gulbarga DistrictNagamurti, Sudarshan
2015Scheduled caste women empowerment through self help groups a sociological study at gulbarga districtShekhara, Apparaya
2016Scholarly Communication in the Journal of Psychological Studies from 2006-2015S. Parameshwar
2008School Libraries in Gulbarga CityGoutami; P. G. Tadasad
2008School Libraries in Gulbarga DistrictGoutami, P.G. Tadasad
2006) : An Informetric StudyScientific Productivity and Impact of Indian Polymer Scientists (1992&#x2013N. Parvathamma; Devendra S. Gobbur
2005Scientometric portrait of Nobel laureate Anthony J. LeggettAngadi M; Koganuramath M.M; Kademani B.S; Kumbar B.D; Jange S.
2019Scientometric Productivity of Selected Universities in Karnataka State Based on Indian Citation IndexSuresh Jange