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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999Oberbeck convection flow of a couple stress fluid through a vertical porous stratumUmavathi, JC; Malashetty, MS
1996Observations on the fecundity in the freshwater fish Notopterus notopterus (Pallas) from Bhosga tank, GulbargaPatil M; Kulkarni R.S.
2019Occupational Stress Management A Study of Select Insurance Company Employees with Special Reference to Kalaburagi DistrictVeena S.Dhanwadkar
2017Office of the Prime Minister of India with special reference to Dr Manmohan SinghPatil Satishkumar H
2001Oilgosaccharide levels of processed redgram (Cajanus cajan L)Mulimani V.H; Devindra S; Prashanth S.J.
2018Old Handwritten Music Symbol Recognition Using Directional Multi-Resolution Spatial FeaturesNawade S.A; Hangarge M; Dhawale C; Reaz M.B.I; Pardeshi R; Arsad N.
2005Oligosaccharins of black gram (Vigna mungo L.) as affected by processing methodsGirigowda K; Prashanth S.J; Mulimani V.H.
1986On an Actinocephalid Gregarine (Apicomplexa: Sporozoea) Odonaticola diplacodi sp. nov., from Odonate Insect, Diplacodes trivialis (Rambur)Kori S.S; Amoji S.D.
2011On effects of a transverce magnetic field on an UCM fluid over a stretching sheetMamaloukas Ch; Abel M.S; Tawade J.V; Mahabaleswar U.S.
2015On Entire Equitable Dominating Transformation Graphs and Fuzzy Transformation GraphsV. R. Kulli
2015On Eulerian Blict Graphs and Blitact GraphsV.R. Kulli; M.S. Biradar
2015On Full GraphsV. R. Kulli
2006On heat and mass transfer in a viscoelastic boundary layer flow over an exponentially stretching sheetSanjayanand E; Khan S.K.
2016On K Banhatti Indices and K Hyper-Banhatti Indices of V-Phenylenic Nanotubes and NanotorusV. R. Kulli
2016On K Banhatti Indices of GraphsV. R. Kulli
2016On K Coindices of GraphsV. R. Kulli
2013On Laminar Magnetoconvection Flow in a Vertical Channel in the Presence of Heat Generation and Heat AbsorptionUmavathi J.C; Patil Mallikarjun B; Narasimha Murthy S.
2015On Line-Block GraphsV. R. Kulli
2016On non-Newtonian rabinowitsch fluid squeeze film lubrication between rough circular stepped platesNaduvinamani N.B; Apparao S; Siddapur S.S.