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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014La(III) complex involving the O,N-donor environment of quinazoline-4(3H)-one Schiffs base and their antimicrobial attributes against methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)Siddappa, K; Mane, SB; Manikprabhu, D
2009A laboratory experiment to measure the built-in potential of a p-n junction by a photosaturation methodIkram I.M; Rabinal M.K; Mulimani B.G.
2012Laboratory Experiments Illustrating Evaluation of Raffinose Family Oligosaccharides of Mung Bean (Phaseolus Aureus L.) CultivarsMuhammed Tajoddin; Shinde Manohar; Junna Lalitha
2018Lane Hawkers A Sociological AnalysisSugureshwar Revayya
2017Large Scale Synthesis of Nickel Oxide (Nio) by Self Propagated Combustion ReactionAmarnath; Srinivasa Rao N V; Vijayadarshan P; Mohan T
2004Laser dye diffusion in polymer solutions studied by spectrophotometryMarigoudar P; Lagare M.T; Mallikarjuna N.N; Aminabhavi T.M.
2018The Later Phase of Asif Currimbhoy A Critical AssessmentJyoti Annarao
2021Law 2021-
Impact of Branching Programmed Learning Material in English Grammar at PU Level&Rdquo&ldquoMs. Sushma N Jogan; B Hoovinbhavi
2010Lead adsorption study on combustion derived gamma-Fe2O3 surfaceLagashetty, A; Vijayanand, H; Basavaraja, S; Mallikarjuna, NN; Venkataraman, A
2016Lead-Induced Oxidative Stress and Metabolic Alteration in Seedlings of Brassica Juncea LPratima H.; Mathad Pratima
2018Learning Styles of Tribal and Non-Tribal Puc College StudentsHoovinabhavi; Satyanarayana G
2016Legal Profession Practitioners: A Sociological StudyHaleema. B
2015Legal regulation of E contract In India an Indian perspectiveAmbika, S P
2007Leisure and rural women: A study of a self-help group in a village in KarnatakaGulshetty B.S.
2016Leisure Time Activities of Elderly : A Case Study of Kalaburagi CityShekhara Apparaya
1997Li3B5O8(OH)(2): Crystal growth and ionic conductivity studiesByrappa, K; Jayantharaja, VP; Shekar, KVK; Rajeev, V; Hanumesh, VJ; Kulkarni, AR; Kulkarni, AB
2001Libraries Students and Librarians Attitude towards Book Theft, Mutilation and Misplacement in Engineering CollegeN. Parvathamma; Gavisiddappa Anandhalli