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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018H Kashinath Reddy Avara Samagra Sahitya Ondu AdhyayanaMallikarjun Basanna
2015H-Shape Defected Ground Structure (dgs) Embedded Square Patch AntennaVidyadhar S Melkeri; S L Mallikarjun; P V Hunagund
2018Hall Current Effects on Peristaltic Transport of a Conducting Bingham Fluid with Permeable Walls by Adomian Decomposition MethodNaduvinamani; Laxmi Devindrappa
2009Handwritten English Character And Digit Recognition Using Multiclass SVM Classifier And Using Structural Micro FeaturesShubhangi D. C; P. S. Hiremath
2008Handwritten Kannada numeral recognition based on structural featuresDhandra B.V; Benne R.G; Hangarge M.
2011Handwritten Kannada vowel character recognition using crack codes and Fourier descriptorsRajput G.G; Horakeri R.
2011Handwritten script identification from a bi-script document at line level using Gabor filtersRajput G.G; Anita H.B.
2012Handwritten script recognition using DCT, gabor filter and wavelet features at line levelRajput G.G; Anita H.B.
2013Handwritten script recognition using DCT, Gabor filter, and wavelet features at word levelRajput G.G; Anita H.B.
2014Haridas Purandara Dasara Shri Gopala DasaruMadhumati
2017Health and Infant Mortality Trends A Sociological Study in Gulbarga DistrictDeshpande Manjunath
2016Health Facilities for Cement Industry Workers: A Sociological SurveyMohangouda Basayya; N. H. Patil
2015Health Information Seeking Behaviour: A Review of LiteratureB. S. Maheswarappa; Arvind Bhadrashetty
2016Health Status among Slum Women in Gulbarga CityNandini Shivsharnappa
2016Health Status Of Rural Women A Study In Hyderabad Karnataka RegionOgi, Shashikala
2019Heat and mass transfer analysis of carreau nanofluid over an exponentially stretching sheet in a saturated porous mediumNandeppanavar M.M; Kemparaju M.C; Shilpa J.M.
2019Heat and Mass Transfer in a Multi Layer Flow with Nano FluidsK Hemavathi
2017Heat and mass transfer in a vertical double passage channel filled with electrically conducting fluidUmavathi J.C; Kumar J.P; Sheremet M.A.
2002Heat and mass transfer in a visco-elastic fluid flow over an accelerating surface with heat source/sink and viscous dissipationSonth, RM; Khan, SK; Abel, MS; Prasad, KV
2016Heat and mass transfer in magnetohydrodynamic Casson fluid over an exponentially permeable stretching surfaceRaju C.S.K; Sandeep N; Sugunamma V; Jayachandra Babu M; Ramana Reddy J.V.