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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014(E)3-2-(1-(2,4-Dihydroxyphenyl)ethyldeneamino)phenyl)-2-methylquinazoline-4(3H)-one Schiff Base and Its Metal Complexes: A New Drug of Choice against Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureusSiddappa, K; Mane, SB; Manikprabhu, D
2014E-Resources: Trends and its Use in the Libraries of Tata Institute of Fundamental ResearchAvinash Dattatraya; Lalitha K Sami
2023E.JOURNALS (Under EShodhsindhu Consortia)-
2014Earthworm Distribution with Special Reference to Physicochemical Parameters in Aland and Chincholi Regions, Gulbarga DistrictSharanappa Padashetty; Murali Jadesh
2020Earthworm Diversity in Laterite and Regur Soil of Deccan Trap of Hyderabad–Karnataka Region, Karnataka, IndiaMubeen, Heena; Hatti, Shankerappa S
2018Earthworms diversity of Koppal district with the updated information on genus Thatonia of Hyderabad–Karnataka region, Karnataka, IndiaMubeen H; Hatti S.S.
2015Eco Biological Studies of Rural Fresh Water Bodies with Special Emphasis to Water Quality AssessmentShaikh Fahemeeda; Zeba Parveen
2017Eco-Friendly Approach for Synthesising Silver Nanoparticles (Snps) from an Exceptional Medicinal Plant Bombax Ceiba Bark Extract and its Anti-Bacterial Activity ÂRamesh; Basavaraj S B
2017Ecobiological Studies Of Hattikuni Reservoir Yadgir District KarnatakaSiddaram
2018Ecological Studies on Butterflies from Semi Arid Region of Kalaburagi District Karnataka IndiaKavya Kamalakar Rao
2016Ecological studies on harsoor Reservoir gulbarga districtAshok Ramalingappa
2017Ecological Studies On Manjra River Bidar District KarnatakaVaijinath, Chennashetty
2009Ecology and abundance of zooplankton in Karanja reservoirMajagi S; Vijaykumar K.
2014Economic Conditions of Karnataka during Rashtrakuta RuleManappa Bheemappa
2003The economic reform and feminisation of labour in agriculture: The case of rural village women in IndiaDegaonkar C; Gills D.-S.S.
2019Economic Status of Women Empowerment through (SHG)Rathod; Shekarraj Tippanna
2015Economic Status of Women Empowerment through (SHG)Rathod; Shekarraj Tippanna
2013Economic Value Addition through Cost Optimization-A Study of Selected Consumer Product CompaniesS. Shivaraj; B. M. Kanahalli