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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
200814C-Glucose uptake studies in the red rot toxin treated sugarcane callusVedamurthy A.B; Sateesh M.K; Naik G.R.
2011Characterization of alkaline thermostable keratinolytic protease from thermoalkalophilic Bacillus halodurans JB 99 exhibiting dehairing activityShrinivas D; Naik G.R.
2002Dac-elisa technique for early detection of red rot pathogen in sugarcane var. CoC 671Hiremath L; Naik G.R.
1998Differential tolerance of sugarcane callus (Co 419) to culture filtrate of Helminthosporium sacchari (Van Breda de Haan)Prasad V; Naik G.R.
2011Direct somatic embryogenesis and synthetic seed production from Tylophora indica (burm.f.) Merrill an endangered, medicinally important plantDevendra B.N; Srinivas N; Naik G.R.
2012Enhanced production of alkaline thermostable keratinolytic protease from calcium alginate immobilized cells of thermoalkalophilic Bacillus halodurans JB 99 exhibiting dehairing activityShrinivas D; Kumar R.K; Naik G.R.
2014Identification and validation of expressed sequence tags from pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan L.) rootKumar R.R; Yadav S; Joshi S; Bhandare P.P; Patil V.K; Kulkarni P.B; Sonkawade S; Naik G.R.
2002In vitro flower induction in callus from a juvenile explant of sugarcane, Saccharum officinarum L., Var. CoC 671Virupakshi S; Manjunatha B.R; Naik G.R.
2000In vitro strategies for selection of eye-spot resistant sugarcane lines using toxins of Helminthosporium sacchariPrasad V; Naik G.R.
1984Inactive Iron in Sugarcane Leaves and Its Influence on Enzymatic Reactions and Chloroplast MetabolismNaik G.R.
2008ISSR Analysis of chloroplast and mitochondrial genome can indicate the diversity in sugarcane genotypes for red rot resistanceVirupakshi S; Naik G.R.
2014Molecular identification of sex in Simarouba glauca by RAPD markers for crop improvement strategiesVaidya G; Naik G.R.
2003A novel, rapid, inexpensive, and highly sensitive experiment for demonstration of DNA damage in human leukocytes by single cell gel electrophoresis (comet assay)Manjunatha B.R; Manjunatha G.T.S; Sarika C; Roopa K.M; Naik G.R.
2003Peroxidase isozyme polymorphism in popular sugarcane cultivarsManjunatha B.R; Virupakshi S; Naik G.R.
2000Plant protoplast isolation - A practical approachPrasad V; Naik G.R.
2012Production of alkaline protease from a Thermoalkalophilic bacillus Sp.JB-99 under solid state fermentationShivasharana C.T; Naik G.R.
2015Progeny evaluation of Jatropha curcas and Pongamia pinnata with comparison to bioproductivity and biodiesel parametersPatil V.K; Bhandare P; Kulkarni P.B; Naik G.R.
2007Purification of DNA from chloroplast and mitochondria of sugarcaneVirupakshi S; Naik G.R.
2004Rapid diagnosis of sugarcane red rot by dot-immunobinding assay (DIBA) techniqueHiremath L; Naik G.R.
2015Transcriptome of pigeonpea roots under water deficit analyzed by suppression subtractive hybridizationKumar R.R; Yadav S; Shrinivas D; Srivastava A.K; Shitole V; Naik G.R.