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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
200250 MeV Li3+ irradiation effects on the thermal expansion of Ca1-xSrxZr4P6O24Angadi B; Jali V.M; Lagare M.T; Kini N.S; Umarji A.M; Kumar R; Arora S.K; Kanjilal D.
2003Ac conductivity studies on the Li irradiated PZT and SBT ferroelectric thin filmsAngadi B; Victor P; Jali V.M; Lagare M.T; Kumar R; Krupanidhi S.B.
2017Annealing temperature dependent structural and magnetic properties of MnFe2O4 nanoparticles grown by sol-gel auto-combustion methodBhandare S.V; Kumar R; Anupama A.V; Choudhary H.K; Jali V.M; Sahoo B.
2015Antibacterial activity, phytochemical and enzyme analysis of crude extract of endophytic fungus, Alternaria sp. isolated from an ethanobotanical medicinal plant Tridax procumbensKumar A; Jha P.K; Kumar R; Kumar K; Sedolkar V.
2003High energy Li ion irradiation effects in ferroelectric PZT and SBT thin filmsAngadi B; Victor P; Jali V.M; Lagare M.T; Kumar R; Krupanidhi S.B.
2007High energy oxygen ion induced modifications in lead based perovskite thin filmsJali V.M; Angadi B; Venkateswarlu P; Kumar R; Krupanidhi S.B.
2016Isolation, screening and characterization of L-asparaginase producing fungi from medicinal plantsKumar R; Sedolkar V.K; Triveni A.G; Kumar M.S; Shivannavar C.T; Gaddad S.M.
2013Optical and microhardness measurement of lead silicateJogad R.M; Kumar R; Krishna P.S.R; Jogad M.S; Kothiyal G.P; Mathad R.D.
2014Study of structural, electrical and magnetic properties of Cr doped Ni-Mg ferrite nanoparticleHashim M; Meena S.S; Kotnala R.K; Shirsath S.E; Roy A.S; Parveen A; Bhatt P; Kumar S; Jotania R.B; Kumar R; Alimuddin
2016Sunlight mediated synthesis of silver nanoparticles by a novel actinobacterium (Sinomonas mesophila MPKL 26) and its antimicrobial activity against multi drug resistant Staphylococcus aureusManikprabhu D; Cheng J; Chen W; Sunkara A.K; Mane S.B; Kumar R; Das M; Hozzein W.N; Duan Y.-Q; Li W.-J.