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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Abnormality detection in endoscopic images using color segmentation and curvature computationHiremath P.S; Dhandra B.V; Hegadi R; Rajput G.G.
2006Automated cell nuclei segmentation and classification of squamous cell carcinoma from microscopic images of esophagus tissueHiremath P.S; Humnabad Iranna Y.
2011Automated Gram-staining characterisation of bacterial cells using colour and cell wall propertiesHiremath P.S; Bannigidad P.
2013Automated ovarian classification in digital ultrasound imagesHiremath P.S; Tegnoor J.R.
2010Automatic classification of bacterial cells in digital microscopic imagesHiremath P.S; Bannigidad P.
2013Color image segmentation of endoscopic and microscopic images for abnormality detection in esophagusHiremath P.S; Humnabad I.Y.
2006Combining geometric and gabor features for face recognitionHiremath P.S; Danti A.
2010Conceptual level similarity measure based review spam detectionAlgur S.P; Patil A.P; Hiremath P.S; Shivashankar S.
2007Content based image retrieval using color, texture and shape featuresHiremath P.S; Pujari J.
2009Despeckling medical ultrasound images using the contourlet transformHiremath P.S; Akkasaligar P.T; Badiger S.
2006Detection of multiple faces in an image using skin color information and lines-of-separability face modelHiremath P.S; Danti A.
2010Digital image analysis of cocci bacterial cells using active contour methodHiremath P.S; Bannigidad P.
2012Digital microscopic bacterial cell growth analysis and cell division time determination for Escherichia coli using fuzzy inference systemHiremath P.S; Bannigidad P.
2005Effect of surface roughness on the couple-stress squeeze film between a sphere and a flat plateNaduvinamani N.B; Hiremath P.S; Gurubasavaraj G.
2002Effect of surface roughness on the static characteristics of rotor bearings with couple stress fluidsNaduvinamani N.B; Hiremath P.S; Gurubasavaraj G.
2007Enhancement of image retrieval by image attention based on edge features in a multiresolution grid frameworkHiremath P.S; Pujari J.
2014Extraction of textural features using anisotropic diffusion and local directional binary patternsHiremath P.S; Bhusnurmath R.A.
2005Face recognition technique using symbolic PCA methodHiremath P.S; Prabhakar C.J.
2008Face recognition using symbolic KPCA plus symbolic LDA in the framework of symbolic data analysis: Symbolic kernel fisher discriminant methodHiremath P.S; Prabhakar C.J.
2010Follicle detection in ultrasound images of ovaries using active contours methodHiremath P.S; Tegnoor J.R.