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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Abnormality detection in endoscopic images using color segmentation and curvature computationHiremath P.S; Dhandra B.V; Hegadi R; Rajput G.G.
2006Analysis of abnormality in endoscopie images using combined HSI color space and watershed segmentationDhandra B.V; Hegadi R; Hangarge M; Malemath V.S.
2019Camera-based Bi-lingual script identification at word level using SFTA featuresMukarambi G; Dhandra B.V; Mallappa S.
2006Endoscopic image classification based on active contours without edgesDhandra B.V; Hegadi R; Hangarge M; Malemath V.S.
2008Global and local features based handwritten text words and numerals script identificationDhandra B.V; Hangarge M.
2008Handwritten Kannada numeral recognition based on structural featuresDhandra B.V; Benne R.G; Hangarge M.
2008Multi-font English character recognition based on modified invariant momentsDhandra B.V; Malemath V.S; Mallikarjun H; Hegadi R.
2006Multi-font numeral recognition without thinning based on directional density of pixelsDhandra B.V; Malemath V.S; Mallikarjun H; Hegadi R.
2015A novel approach to text dependent writer identification of Kannada handwritingDhandra B.V; Vijayalaxmi M.B.
2007On separation of english numerals from multilingual document imagesDhandra B.V; Hangarge M.
2011A recognition system for handwritten Kannada and English charactersDhandra B.V; Mukarambi G; Hangarge M.
2006Script identification based on morphological reconstruction in document imagesDhandra B.V; Nagabhushan P; Hangarge M; Hegadi R; Malemath V.S.
2019Script identification of camera based bilingual document images using SFTA featuresDhandra B.V; Mallappa S; Mukarambi G.
2006Skew detection in binary image documents based on image dilation and region labeling approachDhandra B.V; Malemath V.S; Mallikarjun H; Hegadi R.
2014Text and script independent writer identificationDhandra B.V; Vijayalaxmi M.B.
2007Word level script identification in bilingual documents through discriminating featuresDhandra B.V; Hangarge M; Hegadi R; Malemath V.S.
2006Word-wise script identification from bilingual documents based on morphological reconstructionDhandra B.V; Mallikarjun H; Hegadi R; Malemath V.S.
2012A zone based character recognition engine for Kannada and english scriptsMukarambi G; Dhandra B.V; Hangarge M.